Terms & Conditions

Processing Orders- The orders will be processed within 24 hours after we receive your payment.

Payments for Services- Services fees are invoiced in full upon receipt of an order. Every order will receive a receipt of payment done with an order number only after which the order will be processed.

No personal details required- We do not require any personal details for promoting your profile or
social media account. The ownership and authority of your profile/account will only be yours.

Any dispute, the rules are as per the Government Law of India.

Refund and Cancellation

  • There will be no refund given in case of change of username or making the profile private.


  • To give you best result we work on international level and that requires investment of hardwork, therefore we won’t initiate any kind of refund whatsoever be the reason for cancellations or service. But we assure you satisfaction for the service you asked for.

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality- The account information of existing clients will not be disclosed in any circumstances and will be confidentially conserved.

Non- Disclosure of Service Information- The information about promotion, marketing and ‘how this works’ would be provided if required but no internal service information will be disclosed to the customers.