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  • 1. Can my friends observe that I bought the service?

    Its not possible to figure out but yes there will be a growth in your social influence.

  • 2. What’s your privacy policy?

    In order to serve you we will need certain details to identify your account and further work on it but at the same, time, we assure you to keep your account details private.

  • 3. Is there any chance of my account to get blocked?

    No. Getting likes, followers and engagement won’t affect your account, not in a negative way. In-fact it will improve your presence.

  • 4. What information will I need to provide?

    From your side, we only need your profile URL in order to identify and further work on your profile.

  • 1. Do you have any tolerance limit while delivering?

    Since we promote your profile to the audience of different countries usually there is a slight increment in delivery, which could be 20-25% of the discussed value.

  • 2. Is it valid to buy FB likes?

    It is valid. In fact, it's adopted by top MNCs, Celebrities and many more. It's accepted globally.

  • 3. Is there any assurance for your Service delivery?

    Yes, Once your payment is confirmed, we assure you to deliver the service within 48hrs.

  • 4. Can my bought likes be recognized by others?

    Not at all. They can definitely see an upraise in the number of likes but certainly not that you have bought the service.

  • 5. Do you promise delivery in defined time domain?

    We promise to deliver within 48hrs from the time of payment approval. We will notify you about your payment confirmation.

  • 6. Is there any possibility of getting Likes, dislikes, comments if you buy facebook mostly

    -Mostly, you will get the service what you opted for. If you bought a service for likes then you will only get likes.

  • 1. Is there any limitation on how many Youtube likes, dislikes and shares can media deliver?

    There is no such limitation as such. The number depends totally on your demands and requirements.

  • 2. How long it might take to reflect the results?

    It's instantaneous. Once we start our service on your account, you will be instantly able to see the results.

  • 3. Will these likes remain forever?

    Yes, these likes will remain and reflect on your profile forever. Chances of someone to come back and withdraw their likes are negligible.

  • 4. Is it fair to buy youtube likes, dislikes, share?

    It’s a proven method accepted globally by all companies and famous personality.

  • 5. Is your delivery of likes, dislikes and shares real-time?

    Once we start serving your account you would be able to see the result on your profile.

  • 6. Is there any possibility that my bought likes, dislikes and shares be noticed by others?

    Not at all. But yes the increase in the number of likes on your post will definitely be visible.